North Bay Ontario Headshot and Portrait Photographer - Looking Back: With Hollie

Chris Noakes (Heashot / Portrait Photographer)

Every now and then I get it in my head to glance back through my old work. And it’s usually a pretty painful experience, as I question why anyone ever liked what I was producing. It’s a great way to confirm I’m still growing however – honestly I dread the day that I look back and my photography looks the same.

Breaking that cycle is Hollie; with whom, several years back (roughly 2015), I captured some photos that to this day remain some of my favourite work ever. I honestly believe I’d have a hard time reproducing these images today. I don’t know how much of it was luck, or her experience… but yeah.

In North Bay there is a thriving model community, full of amazing people with huge aspirations. However; there are very few who can rightfully lay claim to being a professional model… Hollie is one of them… and I consider it a massive compliment that she agreed to work with me.

No slight meant to anyone else of course, I love working with you all.

But as a learning photographer, my collaborations with Hollie solidified my love for working with experienced models – showed me what they can add to an image – there’s a certain something that models simply learn with time spent in the industry.

These photos reminded me, so I reached out, and despite her having moved away… onto bigger and better things… I’m excited that I may get the opportunity to work with her again in the near future. We’ll see. If I’m lucky.

Chris Noakes (Heashot / Portrait Photographer)