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I’ve been working exceptionally hard these past few months… and even more so over these past few weeks.

Some of you may recall that I’m currently enrolled in an apprenticeship program (‘of sorts’); that I’ve been studying everything I can under the guidance of Peter Hurley and his associates. It’s been an experience that has helped me to grow in my photography, while receiving feedback from a group of people that I have a lot of respect for.

The “protégé” program that I am part of works simply, no real formal progression, and entirely at my own pace. I’m provided access to a community forum, where I am able to share my work among peers, as well as the experts of this field. The open discussion and feedback I have received has been extremely motivating and valuable.

And when I feel I’m ready I can formally submit a portfolio to Peter Hurley for review. If it meets his admittedly high standards, I will become his newest associate.

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img 5025It was one hundred percent my pleasure to be working with two talented and beautiful ladies this weekend past.

I’ve been following Kelsi’s work as a model for the last year or so, since being introduced to her by a mutual friend… and I have been hoping the opportunity to work with her would somehow present itself. So when she told me she’d be willing to drive in and spend the afternoon in my studio… well I was excited.

And I wasn’t disappointed either.

Kelsi is a stunningly beautiful woman, but also so easy to work with. Super nice girl, knows how to pose, she made the shoot effortless.

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headshots-artistic---20Over the years I’ve flip flopped back and forth between a few different styles, trying my hand at a little bit of everything… trying to find something that feelings like it’s my own.

Largely centered around headshots of course.

The concept rarely deviates very much, I chase shots that reflect the person being depicted in the photo. The style on the other hand has changed dramatically over the years as I learned and experimented. Different backgrounds, different lighting setups, the type of post processing done afterwards.…

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Chris Noakes - Headshot PhotographerI have to admit, I think this is pretty damn cool.

My friend Robin showed me this sketch today. It was hand drawn, based on one of my favorite photos I captured of her, by another artist friend of hers. How awesome is that.

I have no idea who said artist is (yes I do have permission to post)… only that she “lives across the pond”. Whoever you are, you have talent… thank you for sharing.

I just like knowing my work is being appreciated.

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Chris Noakes - Headshot PhotographerA week ago I shared some photos of my friend Robin on Facebook… photos I’m proud of, and so you’re going to have to deal with me bringing them up again on here. They deserve their place on my website.

I had a few things on my mind walking into this shoot, concepts I wanted to play with… and thankfully I have some amazing friends willing to put up with me and my camera. I think Robin thought I was doing her a favour, but the reality of it is, I appreciate the times people are willing to let me practise and experiment. Shhh, don’t tell her.

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Chris Noakes - Headshot Photographer - North Bay, ONI was excited for this shoot I admit. It was my first shoot of the new year, with a model who I hadn’t worked with before… and I was walking into it knowing exactly what I wanted. Not my normal state of affairs.

I had been experimenting with a concept… find out what defines a person… and use it to create images that really reflect that person. Simple. And I was doing it in a fashion that imitated the landscape portrait style I loved and made use of with my headshots.

It wasn’t anything mind blowing… but it had brought me back to the person in the image being the focus, rather than the image itself.

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Chris Noakes - Headshot PhotographerPhotography has been my creative release for years, however recently I felt myself losing focus. I felt I needed to take a step back, and so over the holidays, I allowed myself some respite. I needed to take the time to find the direction I wanted to push my photography in, and how best to do it without losing what made me fall in love with photography to begin with.

How do I turn my photography into a feasible business, on my own terms, while also maintaining my real passion… helping people to feel great about themselves?

How do I ask people to pay for that feeling, when doing so, feels so wrong to me? 

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