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Chris Noakes is an established North Bay, Ontario, Canada portrait photographer.

I have spent the latter half of my life, looking for ways, through which I can help people feel better about themselves. My passion is helping people feel good about themselves... to feel confident... and to feel motivated in progressing themselves.

He specializes in headshots; including executive, casual, and artistic styles.

As one of only five Peter Hurley Associates in Canada, and one of only seventy Associates in the world... I mentored under the best headshot photographers in the industry, until I became proficient enough to be recognized, as one of the best in the industry myself.

We live in a world of social media, virtual business spaces, and personal branding.

Online it is your headshot that will draw people in… will make you feel approachable, confident, and trustworthy. A good headshot is your new handshake. It lends credibility. A carefully chosen headshot is a key part of how you represent yourself…

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Facebook: Photography By Chris NoakesFacebook: Photography By Chris Noakes
Facebook: Photography By Chris Noakes


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